Published June 07, 2021 by Jazen

Who Has Better Game?

Many men don't realize that the game women are playing is both indirect and direct seduction.  And whether consciously or subconsciously, she can be very good at her version of the Game. She can have been approached by thousands of boys and men since a child to becoming an adult. As a grown woman, she can very much be a master of the feminine arts. That short dress, push up bra, hair style, makeup to hide flaws, panties to make her butt look rounder... The smile, head tilt, and her behavior can all be highly calibrated to get her what she wants. Temptation and seduction. But for men, we must play the Game differently. We have to seduce and tempt women much more mentally, than just physically. In fact, a man's physical appearance can be intimidating to various women or not get him the kind of reactions from them that he thinks it should or wishes. It's a different side of the coin. Men have to learn the tools of mental seduction, in our version of the Game.  Ways of subtle temptation and higher understanding of the situation, that levels the playing field between the sexes, and gives parity in options that many women have.

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