Published June 07, 2021 by Jazen

Maintaining Momentum

Momentum!  This can make the difference between having sex or not on a date. Guys often fail to score on dates, because they run out of time. They fail to make any moves or were too slow in making moves, she leaves, and the chance is gone forever. Many simply don't understand the importance of going for it when they had the chance. Worse, some women will sneakily use the clock against their dates or cut time short.  Many don't know or realize that you can go from meeting her to almost or sex, in 3 to 4 hours. Because in Japan, that might be all the time on the date she is going to give you to establish chemistry and a connect.  

If you fail to convert the date to an intimate relationship, you might lose the chance at a next time or must start again from almost scratch, as if the last date didn't happen.  Whatever emotional feelings she had on that date, can be lost as time moves on. The more delay between dates, the worse it gets. She might start to forget you or becomes preoccupied by other things. This is especially a problem in Japan, where Japanese women are famous for delaying or postponing dates. Instead of the date being 3 days later, it's next week, 3 weeks later, next month, or never.  Even if there is a 2nd or 3rd date, it's as much a GAMBLE, as on the first. There is no telling for sure which way it will go.  Make each chance count, because there might NOT be a next time.  She will then become only a dream or fantasy of what could have been, and not a girlfriend or love of your life. 
Which is why we show guys how to maintain momentum in the interaction and maximize their chances.  

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